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Sem můžete psát své zážitky, nápady, nabídky věcí, které již nepotřebujete, nebo naopak poptávky :-)
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History of botany is as old as man himself. During the early civilizations Assyrians, Egyptians, Chinese and In­dians (Sushruta, Parasar and Charak) had significant .contributions to the un­derstanding of plants, especially, their medicinal importance. Greek philoso­phers like Aristotle (the-father of biol­ogy), Theophrastus (the father of botany), not only described plants but also tried to categories them.
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They rest very naturally around the skull that they look as a part of the body.
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This may also reflect that the people are more and more caring for their health.
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Some people do fine pursuing a goal by themselves but for others, having some support can do wonders. From friends and family members who have similar goals to coaches or mentors who can push you and help keep you on track, having others who will encourage you will give you more reasons to stay on track.
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Thus the artist need not preach morality; he is not concerned with telling people what to do, but with the totality of social life. Contact with art thus means contact with the substance of life. The artist thus indirectly discharges a kind of social responsibility to increase his awareness of the true significance of life. So Shelley has spoken of poets as unacknowledged legislators. People get ideas from the verses of poets. The value of art rests on the quality of the life that it reflects or suggests.
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With God anything is possible. With ambition anything is possible. Believe in yourself and you’ll be places you never thought possible. (Daniel K., 20)
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