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Sem můžete psát své zážitky, nápady, nabídky věcí, které již nepotřebujete, nebo naopak poptávky :-)
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Things aren’t always going to work out as you planned. You’ll have periods throughout your life where it will seem like things are constantly going wrong, one after another. During these times, it can be easy to mentally give up and drown yourself in self pity while filling your days with meaningless tasks. It’s a downward spiral that many people find themselves in.

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Brain injuries are particularly hard to repair, since injured tissues swell up and can cause additional damage to the cells. So far, treatments have tried to limit this secondary damage by lowering the temperature or relieving the pressure at the site of injury. However, these techniques are often not very effective.

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Thus the artist need not preach morality; he is not concerned with telling people what to do, but with the totality of social life. Contact with art thus means contact with the substance of life. The artist thus indirectly discharges a kind of social responsibility to increase his awareness of the true significance of life. So Shelley has spoken of poets as unacknowledged legislators. People get ideas from the verses of poets. The value of art rests on the quality of the life that it reflects or suggests.

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Motivation doesn’t last. If the goal is to take action until it becomes a habit, then it’s important to re-motivate yourself so that you can follow through on those actions. In other words, you need to resell yourself on why putting in the work and time is worth it.

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More recently, scientists have considered transplanting donor brain cells into the wound to repair damaged tissue. This method has so far had limited results when treating brain injuries. The donor cells often fail to grow or stimulate repair at the injury site, possibly because of the inflammation and scarring present there. The injury site also typically has very limited blood supply and connective tissue, which might prevent donor cells from getting the nutrients they require.

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So, if I ever tell you to give up on your dreams, on the things you want most in life, please ignore my words for they probably came from a place of fear and pain caused by my own past failures. Instead, please prove me wrong so that perhaps I could once again believe that I too can achieve my own dreams and have the courage to try again

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The first thing is to keep in mind that your rate of progress will fluctuate and is often times much higher in the beginning. In fact, there will even be some weeks where you’ll go in reverse in terms of progress. Don’t let that phase you. Keep at it.

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It’s fine to sulk every now and then but just keep in mind that things don’t usually get better without your focused effort toward making it better.

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